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Black Student Bosses
2/21 5:30pm

For the month of February, Black History Month, we will be having Black Student Bosses. Join us for a forum discussion with a panel of young entrepreneurs...

Design Your Future: Testing and Validating Your Idea or Capstone
2/22 12:30pm

Join us with Hercules Bothma, an adjunct professor, applying critical thinking to complex problem situations and the design of innovative and sustainable...

Lunch & Learn: Stuart Segal
2/22 12:30pm

Join us for a lunch and learn session with Stuart Segal. Stuart Segal is the President and CEO of Strategic Solutions in Healthca re. He is a HEALTH CARE...

Design Your Future: Identifying Your Customer
2/27 12:30pm

Join us with CABE alumni Morgan Berman, Founder & CEO of MilkCrate. Morgan will be sharing her story on how she got started with her sustainability thesis...

Woke Talk: Know Your Rights
2/28 7pm

"Rightful liberty is unobstructed action according to our will within limits drawn around us by the equal rights of others. I do not add 'within the limits...

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NICOLE SCHMALZ left a positive review 11/8/2017

Listening to the four panel speakers was very informative. I wasn't all that interested in becoming a boss and running my own business. Hearing what they had to say about their struggles allowed me up understand that there isn't just financial issues that come up. All of the speakers were also very diverse, it wasn't just all clothing entrepreneur, there was a blogger and an artist.


RITU JADWANI left a negative review 9/20/2017

Event was cancelled without intimidation...


RITU JADWANI left a positive review 9/5/2017

the event was interesting for tech based applications. would be nice to have design based innovative events.
also, a small recommendation: please have healthy snacks like fruits, juices if possible.
thanks !


RITU JADWANI left a review 8/30/2017

i reached a little late, but of what i attended, it was very basic information.


STEVEN RUOFF left a positive review 4/13/2017

Some thought provoking life lessons from Mr. Mariotti along with a free book I would have otherwise bought on Amazon... what more could I ask for?

Martin Kimmel

Martin Kimmel left a negative review 2/2/2017

Neither presenter talked much about testing ideas or how to identify and acquire customers. They mostly talked about themselves and difficulties they have experienced in trying to grow their businesses.

Martin Kimmel

Martin Kimmel left a positive review 1/26/2017

Very impressed with the resources available to research market opportunities and identify potential users including segmenting markets.

Reza Masoodi

Reza Masoodi left a review 2/2/2017

It was a good seminar. However, the photographer was annoying and distracting


ANTONIO WOOTEN left a positive review 9/22/2016

Really informative


ANTONIO WOOTEN left a positive review 9/22/2016

Really great experience