Student Bosses: Young Bosses On The Tech Scene

Student Bosses is our monthly discussion panel by young entrepreneurs who started businesses while in school, or just out of school. Our startups on the panel for October include: GoPuff and Habitat. 

Yakir Gola (Age 23)

Yakir studied Business Administration at Drexel University and launched goPuff when he was still attending college in Philadelphia. With the help of his best friend and co-founder, Rafael Ilishayev, Yakir brought the concept of goPuff to life, an app that has revolutionized the convenience store industry and continues to grow at a rapid pace—all sparked from the idea of selling late night goods around the Drexel University campus. Growing up in an environment that values family-owned business, entrepreneurship has always played a huge role in Yakir’s life, giving him the ability to learn how to strategically differentiate himself and the goPuff team from the competition.

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Rafael Ilishayev (Age 23)

Rafael (Co-Founder, CEO) is a Drexel University alumnus, graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration, International Law and Legal Studies. His career with goPuff started when he was still attending college in Philadelphia after meeting his best friend and co-founder, Yakir Gola. Though he is a driven entrepreneur, Rafael still shows a passion for law and legal studies. Rafael’s business-minded fervor and his ability to think outside the box are essential contributions to the goPuff team.



Andrew Nakkache (Age 24)

A few years ago, Andrew Nakkache bought sneakers on craigslist and then sold them on eBay. He realized that there should be an app that acts like Craigslist, but looks like Instagram. Andrew and his team then applied for the “Be Your Own Boss” at Temple University during his time at college. They entered and unfortunately failed to be a finalist. Andrew was pretty bummed for the next few days, but then he committed himself to working on this project full time. Over the next year, Andrew brought the idea to market, and then entered the contest again. The result was much different this time; they won first place! ... read/hear more at

Source: The Blind Entrepreneur


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Thursday, October 19, 2017 at 6:30pm to 8:00pm

Lawrence N. Field DEC Center, DEC Forum
4201 Henry Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19144