Traditional Undergraduate and Graduate Academic Calendar

Traditional Undergraduate and Graduate Academic Calendar

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Design Your Future: Identifying Your Customer
2/27 12:30pm

Join us with CABE alumni Morgan Berman, Founder & CEO of MilkCrate. Morgan will be sharing her story on how she got started with her sustainability thesis...

Design Your Future: Getting A Product From Idea To Market
3/1 12:30pm

Join us with Philly's maker meetup organizer Marvin Weinberger, who is also the inventor of the successful kickstarter campaign, "The Lil Trucker". Marvin...

Pitching Your Idea: How to tell your story effectively
3/6 12:30pm

Join us with Anna Cutler & Gil Hanson All businesses are started with a great idea born out of personal passion. Do we really know what it takes to sell...

She Student Bosses
3/21 5:30pm

For the month of March, we will be having She Student Bosses, focused particularly on Women entrepreneurs. Join us for a forum discussion with a panel of...

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