Faculty Bosses | Lyn Godley & Todd Kramer

Join us this Thursday in DEC as we chat with professors Todd Kramer and Lyn Godley, about their entrepreneurial pursuits outside of Jefferson University. They will share with us about their journeys, getting started, balancing both jobs and more.

Lyn Godley(Associate Professor of Industrial Design / Owner of Lyn Godley Studio )

Lyn Godley began her career in Fine Arts, then spent 30 years working as a designer, bringing form and beauty to functional objects. Her work has crossed the borders of interiors, product, furniture, lighting, and jewelry. Her designs, done both individually and as partner of Godley-Schwan (1984-1998) with the late Lloyd  Schwan, have been exhibited internationally. The Crinkle Lamp, the last piece designed jointly by Godley-Schwan, was accepted into the permanent collection at the Museum of Modern Art in 1998. Their work is also in numerous public and private collections.


Of all of her design work, it is lighting that captured her soul and on which she has focused for the last twenty-five years. From chandeliers to full-scale illuminated evening gowns she has explored a wide range of light sources and effects. NYC’s Jewish Museum commissioned Lyn in 2003 to produce an 81-lamp menorah. In 2008 she designed a permanent installation of 7,100 programmable LEDs at the GoggleWorks Center for the Arts in Pennsylvania that continually “draws in light” across the center’s facade. It was through lighting that she found her way back to art, in the form of drawings threaded with fiber optics. It has been this body of work, merging digital printing, pastel drawing, and fiber optics that led her to research the healing abilities of particular light wavelengths and nature-base imagery which has driven much of her fiber optic work. She is also regularly chosen for public art projects that explore the intersection of Light and Art in public spaces, most recently the Percent for Art commission for the Public Art at SugarHouse Casino in Philadelphia set to install in late Fall 2015.



Todd Kramer(Professor of Industrial Design / President at Bluekiwi Designs)

Todd completed his B.S. in Industrial Design and his M.S. in Interactive Design & Media from Philadelphia University, which was followed by 15 years of professional practice. During this time, Todd served as the Director of Design and Product Development for Avenues in Leather, Inc., an industry leader in the backpack and travel gear market. There, he developed merchandising plans and best-selling travel solutions for such brands as Wenger, SwissGear, Esquire and JEEP. The products he designed have retailed at Apple, Best Buy, Staples, Costco and Target. Prior to that, Todd served as the Design Manager for Zenith Products Corp., where he focused on developing consumer goods for retailers such as Target, Bed Bath & Beyond, Lowe’s and Wal-Mart. Prior to Avenues and Zenith, Todd was an Industrial Designer at Scrambled Eggz Productions, a premier toy and candy design firm, where he worked with such brands as Hasbro, Nickelodeon, Cap Candy and K’Nex. 


In addition to teaching and advising at Jefferson University, Todd is also an entrepreneur. He currently serves as Founder and President for Bluekiwi Designs LLC., a leading company within the juvenile products industry focused on developing diaper bags and childcare accessories for such retailers as BuyBuy Baby and Bed Bath & Beyond. 


Professional Achievements 

To date, more than 350 of Todd’s designs have been put into production and brought to market. Throughout Todd’s professional practice, he has been fortunate to have traveled to China and Southeast Asia over 45 times to work with manufacturing partners and to improve production methods. His client list as an in-house designer and consultant includes companies located in Hong Kong, Taiwan, China, Canada as well as in the United States.


Thursday, October 12, 2017 at 5:30pm to 7:00pm

Lawrence N. Field DEC Center, DEC Forum
4201 Henry Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19144